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Days in SFP



Adoption Fees


10 years

Domestic Shorthair

185 Days

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Cinderella is a beautiful girl with a childlike face, she has the delicacy of a girl at a glance. There are also excellent hair and spirits that are seriously inconsistent with her age, but she still has the stability that this age should have. In the beginning, you need to let her get used to your smell like making friends, and when she feels that you are a trustworthy person, she will fully show you her little girl side. She will not only lick you like a child, but also grab the scratching post with a serious and rhythmic face like a child. She doesn't like bluffing and noisy environments. It doesn't matter to her whether there is a cat at home, as long as she doesn't bother her. When people are not around, she will find a quiet pit to lie down by herself, and when she sees people, she will take the initiative to come to you, and she will purr on your lap by herself. You can always see the peace in her, the occasional naughty and cuteness is super healing!
Although I am old, I will not cause you any trouble. Please give me a chance and a family to let me spend my rest of life.


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