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3.5 years

German Shepherd

561 Days

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他很尊重personal space,你睡覺的時候他會乖乖安靜等你睡醒,也不亂進房間。


️Sasa 有分離焦慮,沒人在家時會偶爾吠叫,跳上床找主人跟不停流口水,要耐心的給予愛心及耐性訓練
️ Sasa在狗公園有時候會黏著主人,需要活動能力高的主人跟他玩耍


✅prefer house with backyard 和有狗家庭
✅有training 狗狗经验或者愿意带狗去training
🚫體力不夠,不active 的領養人

📍需要可以travel 到dt 去跟狗狗見面(通過電訪審核環節後)
❣️領養費$600但如果領養人帶SaSa 上任何dog training course 給我們看證明,我們將$600拿來補助他的上課費用

Sasa is a very smart and active dog who likes to be around with people. The first few days she will be nervous, but after getting familiar with you, she likes belly rubbeing. She learns commands very quickly (She learned 3 new tricks in a week). And she changed from being uncontrolled on the street to stay quiet and obedient on public transport. Occasionally she acts like a child, and her the attention is spinned away easily. During her walk, she is excited and pull the leash, but with proper traing, she will be able to walk slowly by owner’s side. Constant reminder is needed. She goes for walk twice a day (morning, evening) and doesn’t relief herself at home, except when she first arrives in a new environment and gets too nervous.

She respects personal space a lot. When you sleep, she will wait for you quietly, and will not mess around in the house. Sometimes she will bark back at other dogs as she’s afraid. But she’s learning to interact and get along with other dogs gradually. She likes chasing squirrels. Due to her large size, she will pull off owner when chasing squirrels.

️Sasa has separation anxiety, she barks and urinates occasionally when no one is at home, jumps on the bed to find the owner and keeps drooling, much patience and trainings are needed
️ Sasa loves to stick to the owner at the dog park and require an energetic owner to play with her

In general, Sasa is a very loyal and gentle dog. Due to her breed, she needs a lot of exercise to consume her energy, and she will need time to train. We hope that she can find a family that has patience and not to put her in a cage, and also spend time to play and train with her.
✅prefer house with backyard and family with dog
✅prefer local residents
✅Handled/ pet dog before
✅Have experience in training dogs or is willing to take her to training ‼
There is a lot of time to accompany, with patience
🚫people who go out or work for a long time
🚫 Unsure if adopters who will stay in Canada permanently
🚫 Inactive adopters with insufficient physical strength 🚫0 Experienced dog owners
🚫 Those who have no concept of separation anxiety


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