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SFP 狗狗公众号志愿者申请

Hi there! Thank you very much for your interest in becoming a volunteer with SaveFurPets Rescue.

We are run by a team of young people who are passionate about the welfare of animals. Other people may only see the lovely animals we post online, but you see the effort we put behind the scenes. We are very glad that you want to join us!

Section 1: Tell me about yourself


Section 2: About SaveFurPets Rescue

Have you adopted any animals from SaveFurPets Rescue?
Have you donated supplies (i.e. animal food, animal toys, etc.) and / or money to SaveFurPets Rescue?
Where did you hear about us?

Section 3:  About working for SaveFurPets Rescue

How much time are you willing to spend on volunteering for SaveFurPets Rescue per week?
What time (in EST) would you be available to work?
How long are you willing to be a volunteer at SaveFurPets
Have you applied to any previous position openings at SaveFurPets Rescue?

Section 4: 公众号专业问题



  1. 狗狗饲养

  2. 排版

  3. 公众号文章撰写(须为原创)



Section 5: 公众号文章测试



  1. 接汪星人回家前的准备工作

  2. 你真的准备好养狗了吗

  3. 遛狗须知

  4. 养狗的医疗花费

  5. 不得不知的那些狗狗体检的事

  6. 狗狗绝育你知多少

  7. 狗狗的牙齿养护

  8. 狗狗多久洗一次澡?

  9. 养狗预算

  10. ​自选题目


Section 6:  Additional Information

Section 7:  Acknowledgement

  1. SaveFurPets Rescue wants to hire people who are like-minded and care about the welfare of animals. By checking the box below, you indicate that you have never been involved with or conducted any of the following activities AND never will:

    • Physical and / or mental torture of any species of animals

    • Breeding animals without a legal license

    • Purchasing animals from breeders and / or merchants without a legal breeder and / or business license (i.e. Kijiji merchants, WeChat merchants, etc.)

    • Abandoning your pet(s) or transferring your pet(s) to other people

2. I am aware that the volunteer positions at SaveFurPets Rescue do not receive any monetary compensation.

3. I understand if any of the information above is found to be untrue, SaveFurPets reserves the right to not hire me and / or terminate my volunteer contract at any time.

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Application submited

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