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Cat Deworming 101: When and Why?

Does my cat need deworming? Most of the cat parents may all experience this question. A better understanding of the deworming concept and procedures will help you to make the decision.

Do My Domestic Cats Need Regular Deworming?

The answer is “No”. The medication for the flea & tick treatment on the market is topical product, which is normally liquid applied to the back of the cat’s neck.

In fact, frequent deworming may cause skin burns and hair loss. In addition, an indoor cat who is far away from the forest is very less possible to get ticks and fleas

Some Recommended Dewormers’ Brands:

· Revolution

Heartworms, fleas, ear mites, roundworms and hookworms

· Advocate

Fleas, woodworms, roundworms, heartworms, ticks

· Advantage


· Hartz Ultra Guard


· NexGard COMBO cat

Fleas, ticks, intestinal nematodes, heartworms, ear mites and tapeworms.

About Dewormers

Cat deworming usually includes two parts: external and internal.

But there is a common misunderstanding some cat parents believe that applying topical products to the back neck means external deworming while taking oral medications means internal deworming. It’s not always true nowadays.

Many brands are now making topical dewormers for both internal (Giardia, Roundworm) and external (Flea, Tick) parasites. Some oral dewormers are used for external parasites such as fleas. Choose the right dewormers based on your cat’s actual needs.

Which Dewormer is Right For You?

Keep an eye on the applicable age when purchasing the dewormer. A green hand parent must follow the prescribed does strictly or the doctors’ advice. For the kittens, the does is always based on the weight of the cat. So use it with lots of caution.

If your cat is newly adopted or bought from someone else, it is highly recommended to take it to the vet hospital for deworming first. You can also do a stool test for your cat at home, which helps to decide whether an internal or external deworming is needed.

Common Mistakes in Deworming

1. You don’t need to deworm your cat if you bathe it very often ❌

Bathing can only help to wash off the dirt from the body. It does not do any effect on the parasites.

2. If you don’t see any parasites, then no need to deworm your cat ❌

Common external parasites, such as fleas and ticks are invisible to the naked eyes during the growing stage. When you are able to see them on your cat, it is already a serious situation.

3. Give a bath to your cat immediately after deworming ❌

Cats should not take a bath for seven days after deworming!

More information about cat deworming, please check our YouTube video:

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