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How To Read Your Cat’s Tail?

We may not fully understand the Cat Language, but their tails could help to read their minds. By decoding the cat’s tail language, you are able to tell your cat’s emotional state and current mood.

· Sacred

When the tail droops down and is shaking a lot, your cat is in a panic or fear. It may wrap its tail around itself or tuck it under its body completely. At this moment, you should be aware that your cat is scared.

· Happy To See You

When walking around the room with a tail upright towards the sky, the cat says “it’s nice to meet you”.

· Angry

When your cat thrashes their tail, or thumps it on the ground, it is irritated or annoyed. It tells you that something is bothering the them.

· Friendly

If you notice that your cat’s tail looks like a hook shape, he or she must be very happy and in a good mood now. With a straight-up tail, the cat feels satisfied and cheerful hanging out in the current place.

· Interested

A slow-moving tip of a cat's tail indicates that your cat is focusing on something and interested in exploring more.

· You Are My Love

With a straight-up tail or curling tail wrapping your leg, the cat tries to tell you that he/she loves you so much. It is an obvious indication of friendship and trust.

· Worried

A tucked tail is the sign of a stressed, nervous, or submissive cat. When a kitty is blamed by the cat parents, it may hold the tail straight and pointing toward the ground. The insecure feeling could make the cat crouching down and tail wrapped around their own body.

· Irritated

The cat will puff up when feel threatened or frightened.

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