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SFP Adoption Process


As a non-profit organization,

SFP creates and follows our own adoption process.

Through this process,

we hope to guarantee the qualification of the adopters

and the quality-of-life of the animals we rescue.

We hope the step-by-step process below helps you to understand how to adopt from SFP!


✅ STEP 1

Scan the QR code below to add our SFP Customer Account as a friend on WeChat. Send send us a message to join SFP Adoption Groups.

Check SFP's Official Customer Account’s MOMENTS to get the most recent adoptable pets’ information.

Alternative ways to contact us:

Instagram (@SaveFurPets),

The Red Book (9493162271),

Facebook (SaveFurPets),

Use the "Chat" function on website, or

Email us at



​Check our social media for updated information about adoptable animals and wait patiently for the ONE to appear.

Please consider it seriously before you make a decision to adopt. Make sure to discuss with your family members and carefully think about potential problems you may encounter after adoption.



Every adoptable animal from SFP has its own name. When you find the one you love, click the application link(s) to fill out the form and message our Customer Service team.


  • If you are an international student or with a Canadian Work Permit, please specify your 10-year future plan on the application form. For example: Will you take the animal with you if you were to move outside of Canada?

  • Remember animals are NOT toys! If parents would like to adopt an animal for their kids, please talk to them in advance and teach them to learn to respect and treat animals gently. Please understand that by nature, cats, for example, do have the potential to scratch children (of course they don't mean it!)

  • Regarding the budget for raising an animal, please do your homework first! You can check our past articles on SFP Official Account on WeChat for reference.

  • Applicants who are currently in a rented house or apartment, please confirm with the landlord on animal policies. You should also consider if you will take the animal with you when planning to move in the future.

  • Animals may cause allergies. If you are not sure whether you are allergic or not, try to find a friend who has an animal of the same species (i.e. if you want to adopt a cat, find a friend who has a cat), play with the animal for few times to see if there is an allergic reaction. However, not all animals will cause allergies. Not being allergic to your friend's animal does not mean you are not allergic to all other animals of the same species.

  • Please make sure you are able to take the animal home within seven days after the application submitted. We will charge for expenses on adopted cats not taken away after 7 days. We currently do not accept applicants who have to wait more than a month to take the adopted cat home.



​A representative from SFP will contact you within 3 days after your application submitted. Please make sure your contact and phone number are correct. If no call received from us, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team.



After speaking to the SFP representative, and if you are qualified to adopt, we will contact you again within 24 hours. You will be invited to join our Adoption Group on WeChat and informed the address of the animal.

Due to the significant number of applicants, we will only notify qualified adopters. If you have applied several times without being contacted, you are very welcome to contact our Customer Service team to see whether any issues exist with your application.

We are dedicated to finding new families full of love for our rescued animals. We really appreciate your love and patience. Hopefully you will understand the reasons for our strict adoption process.


✅ STEP 6

Complete the Adoption Consent Form and transfer the adoption fee. Then the adoption takes effect.



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you are not able to meet the cats in person in advance. We will post and share the photos and videos of the cats. However, we do require the selected applicants of dogs to make a trip to the foster home to meet with the dog before we make the final decision.

Successful applicants will be introduced to the foster family of the animal, so you may better understand the animal's existing living habits.



Depending on where the foster family is located, each animal will be picked up in a different place, usually in the Greater Toronto Area or London, Ontario.

There is an animal delivery service between London and the GTA, which costs $40 per trip for cats and depending on the mileage for dogs. The fee is paid to the driver directly.



After the animal is adopted, the SFP will no longer pay for any medical expenses. If a major medical problem is diagnosed within 14 days of adoption, you may return the animal to SFP. We will refund 100% of the adoption fee.

If you want to return the animal because of severe allergies, SFP will refund 50% of the adoption fee. For any other issues unrelated to the animal itself, we will NOT refund the adoption fee.


We are grateful that you have chosen to adopt instead of buying. At the same time, we want to remind everyone to consider your adoption decision carefully before applying.

Animals cannot choose their owner. So if you become their families, please be responsible!


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