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Something About Cat Heatstroke

Higher than the human beings (37℃), the normal body temperature range for cats is between 38.1℃ and 39.2℃. When you and your family feel comfortable at home, your cat may not feel good as well.

Since the cat’s core temperature is higher, they generally tolerate slightly higher external temperatures than we can. If the room temperature is between 28℃~30℃, the cat will feel a little hot. However, as long as it reaches 38℃ , it’s very hot for cats.

The cat will try to stay in a cool shady place and do not move any more in order to maintain the body temperature and consume less energy. They also like air-conditioned room and get closer to the fans.

Cat Heatstroke Symptoms include the followings:

· The body temperature reaches around 41-42°C

· Keep the mouth open and excessive panting

· Collapsing and lying down

· Vomiting, Diarrhea, Dehydration

· Red nose, dry and hot

· Have a difficulty in opening eyes

· Very red or pale gums

If the symptoms are serious, seek medical advice from the vet immediately.

How to Prevent Heatstroke in Cats?

Heatstroke in cats is a very serious health problem. All the cat parents must deal with this situation carefully. Be prepared to take some precautions to prevent your cat from heatstroke!

1. Encourage the cat to drink more water and provide adequate clean water

In summer, the water goes bad quickly because of the high temperature. You should refill the water frequently or bring more water bowls for the cats to drink. Remember don’t feed your cat with ice cubes and icy water, which may lead to gastrointestinal problems.

2. Use fans or air conditioners to lower the room temperature

The most comfortable temperature for the cats is between 22~25°C. Adjust the air conditioner to make them feel relaxed lying on the floor.

3. Make sure the effective ventilation in the room

Opening windows will help the air flow effectively and create a comfortable area for the cat to move around.

Something you should not do when your cat suffers from heatstroke

· Trimming:

There are 2 types of trimming: foot trimming and full body trimming. Either way, the trimming tools could do harm to the cat skin during the process. In addition, the cat could suffer from depression after trimming. Cats are arrogant and beautiful animals. Losing the hair does not only mean a layer of protection is lost, but also could be a mental hurt. As a cat parent, you must be very careful to make the decision to shave your cat.

· Bathing:

It feels great for a person to take a shower in a hot summer day. However, it is definitely not a good idea for a cat. Frequent bathing can cause dry and itchy skin.

· Air Conditioner:

Same as human beings, staying in a room with air conditioner for a long time can make your cat sick. Try to adjust the indoor temperature to 25℃ which is perfect for a cat stay.

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