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How to get rid of the bad breath in your cat’s mouth?

Bad breath not only implies potential health problems of your cat, but also could influence the owner’s daily life! Therefore, it is necessary for the cat parent to understand the cause of the bad breath and know how to deal with it.

Causes of the Cat Bad Breath:

1. Diet

Dietary issues can contribute to bad smelling breath with foods such as fish or liver-based ingredients. This kind of bad breath is temporary and can be improved when not feeding this type of food.

2. Gastrointestinal Trouble:

Gastrointestinal trouble including constipation, indigestion and so on could also be a cause of the cat bad breath.

In this case, it is necessary to feed the cat with appropriate portion of probiotics.

3. Dental Disease

According to the data, 85% of cats bad breath is caused by dental problems.

Cats are not able to brush their teeth by themselves. The food could easily stay on top of the teeth. No oral care could lead to bacteria growing on the teeth, teeth surface eroding, the smoothness of the teeth changing, resulting in tartar and plaque buildup eventually.

Tartar not only means the cat suffering from bad breadth, but also could lead to periodontitis, loss of appetite, lowering the standards of living, leading to more health problems.

Remedies for the Cat Bad Breath

1. Brush your cat's teeth frequently

Brush your cat's teeth (don't use toothpaste for humans) regularly and carefully could prevent it from tartar and bad breath. You can also keep your cat teeth clean by giving them dental chews and toys.

2. Seek medical treatment

If the cat's bad breath is very severe and the parents have no idea what the cause could be, it is highly recommended to see a vet professional.

3. Tooth Exaction

Of course this is the last choice to be considered! You must confirm with a vet that there is no other treatment besides tooth extraction.

4. Change Diet

Feed you cat different types of food to see if bad breath will disappear.

5. Adding additives to drinking water

This type of additive can be directly added to the drinking water, helping to prevent bad breath.

Tips to Prevent Cat Bad Breath

1. Do regular oral check

2. Brush teeth or use mouthwash

3. Dental chews

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