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What should I do if I find a stray cat?

When the weather getting warmer, it’s highly likely to find a lot of new born kittens on the side of the road, or hiding in somebody’s backyard. They are so poor and adorable.

As a result, some pet lovers are very willing to provide water as well as food with these little cute kittens in their backyard. Unfortunately, it will lead to a rapid increase in the number of cats. Related academic reports even point out that natural environment may also be damaged due to the growing quantity of the cats.

Besides mentioned above, the natural environment is full of dangers and makes the average life expectancy of these little kittens lower than expected.

If you find any feral cats on the street or in your backyard, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are very willing to bring these cats to our SFP beloved homes, provide them health check and vaccines, schedule a sterilization operation when needed, and finally send them to an adopted home with full of love.

Kittens in the backyard

Spot a kitty in your backyard and have no idea how to deal with it? Call SaveFurPets Rescue Centre. We will send someone to your place to rescue and take the feral kitty away.

After a basic health check, the kitten will stay with our voluntary foster family for a while. Later when sterilization and vaccines received, this little cat will be added to the Rescue & Adoption System list which is going to be open to the public.

If you are the first finder and willing to adopt, you have the priority right to bring the kitty home. But you still need to go through all the adoption process and get approved by SFP. Then this adorable cat will go home with you and spend the rest of their life in your beloved family.

How to tell if it is a feral cat?

If the cat looks clean and healthy with a soft personality, please go check around the neighborhood first. They could be someone’s lost cat or outdoor cat.

SaveFurPets do not recommend to leave cats outdoor. Cats adopted from SaveFurPets must be kept as indoor cats. In North America, cats’ natural enemy cayote could easily cause injury or death.

If nobody recognizes this cat in the neighborhood, try to bring it to the near veterinary hospital or Animal Rescue Centre to see if there is a chip in the cat.

Chip: Used as an identity card of the pet. Injected into the back of the cat's neck. Very small size, but stores pet owner's contact information.

When found by someone, the lost cat will be sent to an animal hospital and scanned by the chip to see more information of the owner.

In general, the cost of an injected chip for a cat is within one hundred dollars. We highly recommend a chip injection when sterilization operation is received.

If the cat on the street has a chip, you can contact the owner right away. If not, try to post the information of the cat on the local community forum or social media first. You can also let SaveFurPets know. We will bring the cat to our foster family and publish the information on multiple social media platforms to find a perfect owner.

Generally speaking, the owner of the lost cat will try to find it as quickly as possible. If the owner does not show up within 2 weeks, our staff will take the cat to the animal hospital to do a health check. Then the cat will be added to the Rescue and Adoption system and open to the public for adoption.

We do not recommend that you kept the cat by yourself. If the owner reaches you, it could bring you a lot of unnecessary troubles.

Domestic cat, or feral cat?

If you see a kitten wandering around your house and find it difficult to catch it, don’t forget to contact us. We will send some dedicated staff to help and set up a live trap.

The physical condition of the cat will be examined to see if it is a feral cat, stray cat or domestic cat.

A stray cat is normally active during the daytime, while a feral cat likes nights. Stray cats may look dirty. But feral cats can be very clean and happy to take care of themselves.

Sometimes you may find there are few cats with sharp ears that look like they have been cut off. It’s normal. During the trap-neuter-return process, in order to differentiate them from other cats, a small mark was made in the process of sterilization with anesthesia.

Identified as a feral cat, it will be sent to an animal hospital to receive a sterilization operation following Internationally recognized TNR principle and then brought back to where it lives.

If identified as a stray cat, it will have a health check and enter the Rescue and Adoption system with sterilization done and vaccines.

Similarly, if you are the first one to find the cat and willing to adopt it, you have the priority to do so.

In addition, SaveFurPets promise we will not euthanize any healthy animals [Unless euthanasia is the best way for a seriously ill animal. And it’s going to be under the strict guidance of professional physicians].Our rescue principle is NO KILL.

Let’s work hard together for our fur pets’ better tomorrow!

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