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How often should you bathe your cat?

Bathing and grooming are very important for the cat’s health, which should be taken into consideration seriously by a responsible cat owner. Who doesn’t want a clean and fluffy cat at home?

However, bathing cats too frequently is actually harmful to the cats. So how often should we shower the cat? Let’s take a look at this Cat Bathing 101 Guide.

1. Frequency of Bathing

Not like human beings who need showers often, cats naturally have a habit of self-grooming and licking themselves to clean debris from their coat every day. Bathing is not necessary for this kind of animals. On the contrary, very frequent shower could do harm to the balanced acid base of the cat’s skin and hair.

In addition, most of the cats are not big fans of bathing, because the feeling of wet coat makes them insecure. Bathing your cat could lead to anxiety and scary.

Therefore, we highly recommend bathing the cats with short coat every 3-4 months while cats with longer coat every 2 months. If the cat’s hair is in good condition, the interval could become even longer.

Remember you must use a cat-specific shampoo to bathe the cat instead of soaps or shampoos for people uses. Any misuse could affect the acid-base balance of cat’s coat and raise skin or hair problems.

2. How to keep cats clean

First of all, clean your house regularly to remove any dust which will prevent the cat's hair from hiding dirt. A neat home is good for both people’s and cats’ health.

Sometimes there will be discharge from the cat’s eyes. At this time, you can wipe it off with a pet wipe. Pet wipe can also be used to clean cat’s paws and butts.

Last but not the least, a healthy cat does not need a bathe frequently. However, if your cat has too much discharge from the corner of the eyes or the poop often sticks to the body, then you have to be careful! It may mean there is a health problem with the cat. We suggested to go to the hospital for further examination in time.

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