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The Truth About Using An Automatic Water Dispenser For Your Pet

When you make a decision to spend amount of money to purchase an automatic water dispenser for your furry family member, you believe you will be able to get rid of the water change routines. Nah, it’s not true.

Let’s talk about the truth of using this kind of water dispensers.


· Encourage your cat to take in more water, helping to protect it from the urinary diseases.

· With wide mouth bowl, the dispenser is also muted sound

· Equipped with the filter will prevent the hair and keep the water quality good.

· Cats prefer flowing water. The water dispenser will circulate the flowing water automatically, which will also encourage the cat to drink more water.

Remember, the automatic water dispenser is not an excuse for a cat owner to be lazy. The tips below must be read and followed by responsible cat parents.

1. In order to use the automatic water dispenser properly, you have to buy the necessary accessories and replace it regularly. If you do not follow the instruction of dispenser, it could cause more health risks than using an ordinary water bowl.

2. Different water dispensers have different filtering functions. Do some homework before you buy it.

3. Clean the automatic water dispenser regularly. Although the filter inside will improve the water quality, the inner part of the dispenser, and some other components could be dirty after several day uses.

4. Some automatic water dispenser could make noises. Be aware of it before you purchase.

If you still have no idea how to clean the dispenser, go to Youtube to find out videos with step-by-step instructions. Remember, clean the automatic water dispenser regularly and encourage your cat to have more water!

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