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Tips You Should Know About Bathing Your Dogs

How much do you know about dogs bathing and grooming? Let’s take a closer look at bathing a dog in the following article.

How long should they bathe?

Bathing your dog is not only for their cleanliness and beauty, but it also helps to prevent external parasites, skin diseases and other possible health problems.

Every one to two weeks

· In spring and summer due to the high temperature, it’s a good idea to bathe your dog every one or two weeks if it goes out often.

· The long-haired dogs need more frequent bath for sanitization reasons.

Every two weeks to four weeks

· In autumn and winter, the natural skin oils of the dog will decrease as the season getting colder

· The short-haired dogs tend less to get dirty and collect debris.

Don’t wash your dog very frequently

· Excessive use of shampoo for dogs can easily cause skin diseases. If your dog is not very dirty, just try to use wipes and water.

More tips need to be mentioned!!!

§ As a dog parent, you have to make a wise decision when need to bathe your dog according to your dog’s hair condition.

§ Some dogs have sensitive skin and easily catch skin diseases. Frequent bathing is not a good idea for them.

§ Many parents like to take their dogs out to socialize, in dogs park for example. The cleanliness of this place could affect the frequency of bathing your dogs.

What kind of dogs can't be shaved?

In summer time, some of the parents are very eager to shave their dogs, because they think their pooch feels very hot. Don’t misunderstand it! It could do harm to your dog’s health.

In fact, a dog’s coat not only keeps him from getting too cold in the winter, but also keeps him from overheating in the summer.

Their hair is UV resistant, similar to a person wearing sun protection coat. Unlike human beings, the dog skin lacks of melanin and can be easily hurt by exposed to the sun directly.

In addition, shaving will unavoidably do harm to the dog’s hair follicles, even if you do it with great care.

Remember, all the double-coated dogs can’t be shaved at all. Their outer back coat will prevent it from getting sunburned. Some breeds such as Samoyeds, Golden Retrievers, Collies and Huskies, their inner and outer hair grow mixed together. The texture of the hair could also change.

However, trimming is quite necessary and a summer-cut may help to cool down. Brush or comb your dog regularly to remove the undercoat and help keep the guard hairs tangle-free. It is recommended to shave (or shorten) the dog's belly, chest, and inner thighs at first, observe to see if your dog feels ok and react positively.

How to choose the Shampoo?

Don’t use your own body wash to bathe your dog! The pH of dog skin is between 6-8, while the human’s is between 5-6. It determines that the body wash good for dog is acidic and for human beings is alkaline.

If you use human shampoo on the dog, its skin will get dry, peeling, and even get diseases. Similarly, baby shampoo is also a NO. Only bathe your dog with shampoo for pets.

How to choose comb?

Comb your dog regularly will definitely help to keep your dog clean. There are several types of combs to choose from. Let’s figure out which one is better to fit your needs.

· Curry Comb:

The teeth is normally round and will not hurt the skin. Brush your dog with this kind of comb will promote the blood circulation. Price: 2-30CAD

· Pin Brush:

Pin brushes look similar to brushes commonly used by people and is also the most commonly used type of brush for dog. It is best for dogs with long, fluffy, curly hair which is able to make the hair fluffier and lighter. Price: 5-25CAD

· Bristle Brush:

This kind of brush will easily remove tangles and dead undercoat. Especially a better choice for the dogs with long hair. It will help to groom and make the hair smooth. Price: 10-40CAD

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