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What to do with my cat allergies as a new pet parent?

Some people make a decision to adopt a cat and doesn’t realize they may suffer from the cat allergy until they brought the new family member home. What should they do then? There are 6 tips that may help these kinds of people to live a better life with cats.

1. Clean your home thoroughly and frequently

Use a vacuum cleaner and lint roller a lot. Groom your cat every day to reduce the chance of the hair floating in the room.

2. Filter the air

Choose the filters specifically designed to lower the levels of circulating allergens that you put on heating and air-conditioning vents, or run portable high-efficiency particulate air purifiers to reduce the allergen levels.

3. Ask a doctor

Generally, you can buy some allergy medicines in the pharmacies without prescription. But it’s highly recommended to see a doctor first. The doctor can prescribe some allergy medicines to reduce your symptoms. After a while, they will determine if you can continue to use it for a long term.

4. Let your body to get used to it

Some people feel allergic because they have never been in contact with cats before. The immune system of your body may get used to it after more contacts and following the first 3 tips.

5. Neutering your cat

Unneutered cats, especially male cats, carry more allergens than the neutered cats.

6. Use anti-allergic products

Some pet shampoo or other products aim to reduce cat allergens, but the result is vey limited. In addition, there could be harm to the cat’s health if frequently used.

Before you decide to adopt a cat, it’s a good idea to visit some friends with cats. Spend some time with the cat, the longer the better. And also try to see different breeds of cat if possible.

Usually, kittens carry fewer allergens than adult cats. As they grow, they will get more allergens over time.

Top 6 cat breeds that trigger the least allergies

· Balinese

· Siberian

· Oriental Shorthair

· Devon Rex

· Cornish Rex

· Sphynx

Tips about the cat allergies

· Male cats carry more allergens than female cats.

· Unneutered cats (especially male cats) carry more allergens than the neutered cats.

· Dark-colored cats are more likely to cause allergy than light-colored cats.

Kittens carry fewer allergens than adult cats

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