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Our Story

For the past years, as pet lovers, we have seen so many pets abandoned or abused. When not well-treated or rehomed too many times, behavioural problems arise, which causes more re-location. We have also witnessed animal abuse, or private breeding of unneutered pets under the name of foster care which causes a serious threat to animal well-being.

Our mission is to help all furry friends by finding the most suitable new home for them. We will ensure that every pet can be treated with kindness. They will be healed with the care of loving foster families, medical arrangements when needed, and finally, a forever home where they can be their true selves.

Meet The Team
Catherine Chuang

Board | Chair

Catherine worked at the London Animal Care Center(LACC) for two years as an animal care technician. She is now working at a vet clinic as a vet technician in Mississauga. Her role at the Rescue is to help arrange vetting appointments and answering before- and after-adoption medical-related questions. Regardless if your pet is a rescue, Catherine will always be happy to help with any medical-related questions!

Angela Tian

Board | Vice-Chair

Meet Angela Tian, the Vice-Chair of SaveFurPets, responsible for customer service and fostering. Angela excels in her role as the head of customer service, providing warm and patient assistance to countless caring individuals. Beyond her duties, she dedicates herself to fostering animals in need, offering them a loving and nurturing environment until they find their forever homes.

Jinhua Yan

Board | Vice-Chair

Jinhua started volunteering at SaveFurPets because she was looking for a way to put her technical skills for good use. She eventually designed the website for SaveFurPets and manage other social medias. She also volunteers with fostering animals and she is the girl that wants to bring every stray animal she sees home just so they can feel loved and safe.

Claudia Lou

Board | Treasurer

Claudia is a major in Financial Modeling. She is responsible for managing finances and adoption platforms at the Rescue. After adopting a fluffy and talkative calico cat, she decided to join SaveFurPets to give back to more animals in need. At the same time, she is also fostering cats for the Rescue while they find their new homes.

Mercy Hung

Staff | Community Manager

Mercy’s journey to help animals all started with the first cat she fostered, Bella, in early March. She found her passion for helping animals since then. Now, she has dedicated her time to assist more furry friends to find their furever home with SaveFurPets.

Abby Huang

Staff | Finance Assistant

Meet Abby Huang, the Finance Assistant at SaveFurPets. With a keen eye for numbers and meticulous attention to detail, Abby plays a crucial role in managing the organization's finances. Her expertise ensures that financial records are accurate and transactions are handled efficiently. Abby's dedication to her role contributes significantly to the smooth functioning of SaveFurPets' financial operations.

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