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Adoptsecure Pet Health Insurance Trial

Checklist / 清单

  • Complimentary / No Obligation - no banking information taken, automatically expires

  • 免费,不需要提供任何银行信息,自动到期

  • 6 weeks of coverage

  • 可保6 周

  • Coverage for accidents and illnesses (no routine coverage, such as vaccines, spays/neuters, no dental coverage

  • 覆盖事故和疾病保险(不包括例行医疗检查,如疫苗、绝育手术,也不包括牙科治疗)

  • 5 - 7 days waiting period – coverage begins 5 - 7 days from the time the pet goes to their new home

  • 5 - 7天等待期 - 保险会在宠物到新家后的5 - 7天内开始生效

  • $500 maximum limit – adopter can convert over to a policy while on trial to get a larger limit

  • 最高$500保额 - 领养者可以在试用期间转为正式保险以获得更大的保额

  • $100 deductible per incident – if a claim is submitted during trial, $100 will be subtracted from the reimbursement amount. This is per accident/condition

  • $100免赔额(每次事故/疾病索赔) - 如果在保险试用期间提交索赔申请,$100将从赔偿金额中扣除

  • Anything pre-existing or showing signs or symptoms before adoption will NOT be covered on the trial but could be covered on a policy after a while

  • 任何在领养前已存在或显示出的身体状况异常,将不在保险试用期内得到赔偿。可能适用于之后的其他保险

Extras to mention / 其他需要注意事项

  • Rescue / Shelter activates the trial on the adopter’s behalf

  • 救助机构或收容所会代表领养者激活保险试用期

  • If the email is given, the adopter will receive a welcome email/portal login email within 48 hours of submission. This will have the trial details, plan details and quotes on all 4 plans for adopter

  • 如果提供了电子邮件,领养者将在申请提交后48小时内收到确认邮件,内容包括试用保险详情和正式保险详情的4种计划的报价

  • If the adopter does not see the Welcome email in their inbox within 48 hours, tell them to check their spam/junk folder, it will be there for sure

  • 如果领养者在48小时内未收到确认邮件,请查看垃圾邮件/垃圾文件夹

  • If the adopter chooses to receive the Welcome package by mail, this may take weeks as we do not have any control over delivery once Canada Post has the package

  • 如果领养者选择通过邮寄的方式接收,这可能需要几周时间。信件将通过Canada Post邮寄,保险公司无法控制邮寄的时长

Benefits of adopter converting to a policy before the trial ends / 试用结束转为正式保险的好处

  • WAIVED WAITING PERIODS – the policy will take effect immediately. If the policy is bought after the trial ends, waiting periods of 48 hours for accidents and 14 days for illnesses kick back in

  • 免除等待期 – 保险将立即生效。如果在试用结束后购买保险,事故的等待期为48小时,疾病的等待期为14天


  • CONTINUOUS COVERAGE – anything that was claimed and covered on the trial will continue to be covered on the policy

  • 持续保障 – 正式保险的索赔和保障将与试用期保险一致

  • NO SENIOR PET TESTING – the requirement for bloodwork and urine tests for dogs over 8 and cats over 10 does not apply to pets that purchase a policy while on the Adoptsecure trial

  • 老年宠物不需要检查 - 保险试用过后,8岁以上的狗和10岁以上的猫购买Adoptsecure 正式保险,无需进行血液和尿液测试

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