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Save Fur Pets Org does not receive any financial support for this important work from federal, or local government agencies.

We rely solely on donations from members of our compassionate, animal-loving community.

If you require a receipt, please fill out the Request Form or email

Save Fur Pets Org is a no-kill, non-profit, Canadian registered charity. We rely on animal adoption fees and charitable donations to operate.

As a Canadian registered charity, we are able to issue donation receipts for income tax purposes. For information on how to request a donation receipt, please refer to the instructions mentioned above. Any eligible donations* made to us on or after Apr 12, 2024, will be able to request a donation receipt and claim a charitable tax credit**.

Official Name: Save Fur Pets Org.

Charity Registration Number/Business Number: 762154862 RR 0001

Designation: Charitable Organization

*Eligible Gifts: Donations of cash, goods, land, or listed securities to a registered charity or other qualified donees are eligible for a charitable tax credit. For a donation to be eligible, the transfer of ownership has to be voluntary.

**Charitable Tax Credit: You may be eligible to receive a charitable tax credit based on your donation to us. For more information, please visit How do I calculate my charitable tax credits?

For additional donation tax credit inquiries, please consult your accountant/tax advisor.


Thank you for exploring different ways to support us! 

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