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Astrid (小名Bobo)是个十分乖巧亲人的小萌妹。只要叫她的名字,她就立刻有回应,跑过来管你要亲亲抱抱举高高。Bobo还是一个比较独立的小猫咪,平时主人忙的时候,她也会安安静静的在旁边休息,或自己找玩具玩耍。在她无聊的时候,她也会喵喵叫引起你的主意,然后走过来蹭蹭你的手要撸撸。Bobo到了新环境可能会比较腼腆,主人需要给她一点自己的空间和时间去适应哦。她一旦适应了新环境就会变得特别热情,无时不刻的等待着你的关注。Bobo真的是一个非常懂事的小猫,吃饭什么的都不用操心,性格也十分可人,只要得到了她的信任,她就会给你最纯粹的爱。(p.s. Bobo不太喜欢跟别的猫猫狗狗相处,多猫家庭要慎重考虑)

Astrid (nicknamed Bobo) is a cute little girl who is very well-behaved. As long as her name is called, she will respond immediately, and she will run over and ask you to kiss and hold her high. Bobo is also a relatively independent cat. When the owner is busy, she will rest quietly next to her, or find toys to play with. When she's bored, she'll also meow to get your attention, and then come over and rub your hand. Bobo may be shy when she arrives in a new environment, and the owner needs to give her some space and time to adapt. Once she adapts to the new environment, she will become particularly enthusiastic, waiting for your attention all the time. Bobo is really a very sensible cat. You don't have to worry about her eating or anything else. She has a very pleasant personality. As long as you get her trust, she will give you the purest love. (p.s. Bobo doesn't like to get along with other cats and dogs, so families with multiple cats should consider carefully)
When you hug her, she will also take the initiative and to hug you back!
Sometimes when you forced her to do things she doesn't like, she will whimper but 0 attack power, no matter how tossed she will only complain.
️When she delivered to us, there were a few teeth that needed to be pulled out. We have already asked the doctor to deal with it. In the future, there is basically no need to worry about dental problems. It’s just that her little tongue likes to hang out.


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