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我是个超级活泼亲人的小男孩,适应新环境特别快,不用半天就主动找人蹭蹭讨摸摸,一碰身体我就会发出快乐的呼噜呼噜声。我不挑食,爱喝水,会用猫砂盆,喜欢和我的兄弟打打闹闹,喜欢玩玩具,而且任何东西都有可能成为我的玩具,比如塑料袋,袜子,纸片等。除了饿了以及想找人玩时会喵喵叫,大部分时间都是吃喝玩乐睡。偶尔我有点小淘气,喜欢磨磨牙,跟人玩时偶尔会“love bite”。

💛幼猫要注意:可能会在kitten stage 时,喜欢咬东西,酷跑,对什么都好奇,会有love bite 或者还不会控制指甲可能游戏过程中抓伤人

Bug & Begonia是在一起的兄弟,感情很好,如果愿意一起领养的优先

I'm a super active and affectionate little boy, I adapt to new environments very quickly, It does not take me too much time to actively seek out people to rub and pet me. When I am being petted, I make happy purring sounds. I am not a picky eater, I love drinking water, and I can use the litter box. I like to play with my brothers, and I like to play with toys. Anything can become my toys, such as plastic bags, socks, pieces of paper, etc.. Most of the time I eat, drink, play and sleep, except for meowing when I am hungry and when I want someone to play with. Occasionally, I am a little naughty, like to grind my teeth, and occasionally "love bite" when playing with people.
❤️Super clingy and likes to sleep on people

💛For young cats, owner should be aware of the following:
In the kitten stage, they may like to chew things, parkour, curious about everything, will have love bite, or may scratch people during the game becasue still can not control their nails.

Bug & Begonia are brothers living together, they had an excellent relationship. Those who are willing to adopt them together will be given priority!


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