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Billie is a friendly and affectionate cat but does not like to be touched! She will come to you and rub against you but might bite if you pet her. She might be a little timid when she first arrives at home but give her a few days and she will warm up to you! Billies likes to hang out on a cat bed or the couch and likes to bathe in the sun beside a window when it is bright out.
Billie prefers dry foods and drinking water out of a bowl. She might hiss at other cats but can live with them after sometime to get comfortable with them.
⚠️Billie was declawed by her previous owner and this is why she can be very insecure and scared!

⚠️ ⚠️ Billie does NOT like to be touched/petted! She will be on very high alert if she is being touched and might scratch or bite. Billie still likes to hang out and as long there is no physical touch, she is a great companion!
⚠️ after a month of fostering, still no success getting Billie to be open to being petted by a human.
⚠️the rescue is not responsible for any bites and scratches after adoption.