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2 years old

Labrador (Mix)

857 Days

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Adoption Fees



✅prefer house with backyard
✅PR or Citizens 或者长期留加拿大家庭
✅active, 喜欢运动,户外,有足够力气
✅有大量时间陪伴狗或者有预算送dog day care
❤️领养成功,不return 的前提下,如果狗狗送去训狗课,我们补助$300 ❗️(领养后两个月补助,如果狗狗被return 则无法提供补助)
❤️审核通关申请者,我们会提供遛Blunee 的机会,来确认是否能Handle 狗狗

Blunee is a very smart and curious dog. 🥰She knows the basic commands of sitting down and shaking hands. She can learn instructions very fast. 😘He is super enthusiastic and very clingy to people. She will turn and show his belly when being patted. Also gets along with other dogs well.😎
Blunee does exercise a lot, and has to walk for at least two hours a day. She is very curious about the outside world. So, she will want to play with people and dogs once seeing them. 😌It takes a lot of effort to hold her. She is suitable to the adopter who have energy, strength, and willingness to accompany with Blunee.
And Blunee will have some minor behavioral problems, such as a little bit of guarding the toys, and occasionally not allowing to be patted when playing with the toys, which may require the adopter to have the patience to accompany with her to correct it.
Because Blunee has a lot of strength and is more destructive to toys, cloth toys are done almost at once 🤦‍♀️, so buy rubber toys for her. But blunee will not damage the house. After a day of exercising, he will actually be very good at home.
Blunee is sometimes greedy, and will turn over the trash can or even pick up somethings that should not be eaten. The things at home must be cleaned up
✅prefer house with backyard
✅The priority will be given to PR or Citizens or long-term Canadian family
✅Have experience in raising dogs (big dogs)
✅Adopters who likes sports, outdoor activities, and has enough strength
✅ Have a lot of time to accompany with the dog or have the budget to send dog day care
✅Dogs need training, if you have experience, you can teach yourself or take them to class
✅ Like to play with big dogs
❤️If the adoption is successful and the dog is not returned, we will subsidize $300 ❗️ (The subsidiy will be provided two months after adoption. If the dog is returned, the subsidy cannot be provided)
❤️After reviewing the applicants, we will provide the opportunity to walk Blunee to confirm whether you can deal with her


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