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Domestic Short-hair

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我的體型很嬌,親人友善 非常黏人,我熱愛蹭蹭跟踩奶, 我很會用貓砂盆 ,會把自己保持的乾乾淨淨,我喜歡跟著你走來走去,非常溫順黏人,但如果你不想要我煩你,我也可以安靜待著不打擾。
我曾經有一個家,但突然有一天,我被丟在shelter 門口,然後放了一張字條說,要搬家了不要我了😿希望我的下一個爸爸媽媽可以一直把我帶在身邊。
Daisy 是一隻因為人類喜好而配種出來的貓咪,有著折耳耳朵,短小四隻跟短尾,扁臉。目前醫生檢查完沒有特別的問題,他需要保持體重不能吃太胖,不然關節會很辛苦(但目前上上下下走路跳一切正常),他因為扁臉,呼吸會比較大聲(像法鬥一樣)。目前他沒有什麼不良健康紀錄,我們希望有一位能替她買保險的人領養她,給她一個機會,一個家。

I possess a delicate physique, am affectionate, and am extremely people-friendly. I adore rubbing and kneading, and I am proficient in maintaining cleanliness with the litter box. I take pleasure in accompanying you as you move about, displaying a gentle and affectionate demeanor. Nevertheless, if you prefer uninterrupted moments, I am capable of remaining quiet and unobtrusive.
I once had a home, but one day I found myself abandoned at the shelter with a note explaining that my previous owners were relocating and could no longer care for me 😿. I am hopeful that my future adoptive parents will provide a forever home where I can be a constant companion.

Daisy is a cat deliberately bred to suit human preferences, boasting folded ears, a petite stature, a short tail, and a flat face. The veterinarian has not identified any specific health issues, but it's crucial for her to maintain a healthy weight to prevent undue strain on her joints (although she currently exhibits normal mobility). Due to her flat face, she may breathe audibly, akin to a French Bulldog. Presently, she has a clean bill of health, and we are seeking someone willing to adopt her and provide insurance, affording her the opportunity for a stable and loving home.
Entering this world with inherent challenges was not her choice, and we aspire to find a loving environment where she can thrive like any other cat. Considering the uncertainty regarding potential future medical needs, having insurance would undoubtedly facilitate her care.


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