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Jane (小名花椒)

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Jane is a super cute and clingy little border collie. He likes to be with people but can also be quiet by himself in a crate. At this stage, he doesnt have destructive behavior at home, but he can be mischievous with puppy bites and likes to sniff around the house for foods. He has a stubborn personality and requires more effort to train. In the first few days of coming home, he may may have accidents in the house due to unfamiliarity with the environment, but if you have a backyard, letting him go release every few hours will prevent it. His record for holding it in a crate is one whole night. He likes to drink water, so it is important to keep him hydrated. He eats quickly, so it is best to have a slow feeding bowl to help him slow down. If you're taking him to the park and letting him off the leash, bring some toys to keep his attention. He is not trained with recall so you may need to take some extra efftorts on it.

Jane(花椒)是一只超级可爱又粘人的小边牧。他喜欢和人呆在一起,但也能自己安静的呆在笼子里。他现阶段还不会拆家,但是有一点捣蛋加Puppy Bite,喜欢在家里到处嗅探寻找食物。性格有点犟,需要多花点精力去训练。刚回家的前几天,他可能会因为不熟悉环境而在家里上厕所,但如果有后院的话,每几个小时让他去上厕所,他就不会在家里上了。他最高纪录可以在笼子里呆一晚上憋到第二天才上厕所。平时它喜欢喝水,所以一定要保持水量充足。他吃饭很快,最好有个慢食盘能帮助它缓解进食速度。户外公园放绳的话最好手里能有玩具保持花椒的注意力,不然会花椒会有很多自己的想法,他需要主人自己花时间训练。
❣️領養費包含他未來絕育的費用,領養人需要保證帶狗狗在他6-12個月之間去絕育,指定絕育的獸醫院是在Scarborough ,如果不方便到Scarborough,在其他醫院絕育後,提供證明,我們會refund $300


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