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Miss Bella

August 5, 2021

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1.5 years

Scottish Fold

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⚠️ Bella is a Scottish fold so please be aware of possible health issues in the future that will require extra care and commitment!

Bella is a very quiet girl. She does not like to play with toys or climb very high; she prefers to spend most of her time napping in a corner. She can be scared of other animals.
Bella needs time to warm up and can be shy at first. If you are patient with her, she will cozy up to you🥰.
If Bella smells good she will appear and rub against you! Bella likes to eat cooked meats such as chicken, beef and fish, but she does not like lamb. She sometimes have issues digesting canned foods. Bella prefers her food to be fresh and may reject cat foods and water that has been put out too long.

⚠️ when Bella was delivered to us, she had infections in her ear and excess fluids in the abdomen. We have treated her, dewormed, and sprayed her and she is in stable condition now. Bella’s ears will still require a period of regular cleaning and checkups.
⚠️Bella can throw up canned foods so it’s not recommended
⚠️ Bella coughs due to hairballs so it’s recommended to feed her hair all remedies or hairball controlled cat food and it should resolve her coughing. If her coughing continues, vet checkups are recommended.

💚Adoption fee: FREE we are looking for responsible owners that will take Bella for regular checkups for her health.

If you would like to adopt Miss Bella , please fill out the adoption application linked in our bio. If you have applied previously, please contact us directly and we can update your application.

️Miss Bella 是折耳貓 請先了折耳貓未來可能需要的照顧跟付出
✅已驗血 (因為太瘦有輕微貧血)
✅已拍x ray (正常)
✅做了 quick ultrasound (正常)


️ Bella 被送來時,耳朵很髒,腹腔有一點積水,經過絕育,除蟲,驗血,治療,現在已經非常穩定,重新做了超音波,已沒有發現腹水問題,耳朵還是有一點髒,需要定期清理跟複查,然後Bella 有時會咳毛球,拍過x ray支氣管沒有問題,沒有哮喘。

领养费:免費領養 隨心捐贈


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