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Otto 是一只看起来充满智慧和经历人生悲欢离合的猫咪。他有着像水晶球的蓝色双眼,眼里充满对人类爱的渴望但又透露着害怕受伤害的担忧。
Otto 用他大半身时光陪着他的前主人,我们不知道什么样的原因他被放弃了,但小猫咪也不知道自己做错了什么,可能心里想着如果我更乖一点,是不是妈妈就会继续把我留下来了。
Otto 因为有一点年纪了,shelter 帮他做了验血跟把该拔的牙齿也拔完了,目前一切正常,甚至比一些其他的老猫还要来的省心了,因为shelter 已经把最贵的部分都完成了,他只需要一个家给他猫生的最后几年有温饱的每一餐,他平时不吵不闹,会默默的陪伴,希望有人愿意给他一个家,领养的最大意义就是给这一些被抛弃的猫一个重生的机会,而不是在他生命最后孤单的等待去喵星。
Otto 目前在Mississauga Mavis Road animal clinic, 欢迎有兴趣领养的人可以来看看他,或者愿意给他捐赠猫粮罐头的也欢迎来跟他say Hi!

Otto is a cat that looks wise and seems to have experienced the ups and downs of life. He has crystal blue eyes filled with a longing for human love but also revealing concerns about being hurt.

Otto spent a significant part of his life with his previous owner. We don't know the reasons he was abandoned, and the little cat doesn't understand what he did wrong. Perhaps he wonders if being a bit more obedient would have made his mom keep him.

Due to his age, Otto has had blood tests and necessary tooth extractions done by the shelter. Currently, everything is normal. Despite his age, he's even easier to care for than some other older cats because the shelter has taken care of the most expensive aspects. He just needs a home to provide him with comfort and meals for the remaining years of his life. He is quiet and will silently accompany you. We hope someone is willing to give him a home. The greatest significance of adoption is giving these abandoned cats a chance at a new life, rather than waiting alone in loneliness for the trip to the cat heaven.

Otto is currently at the Mississauga Mavis Road Animal Clinic. Those interested in adoption can come to see him, or if you're willing to donate cat food, feel free to come and say hi!


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