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October 24, 2021

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1 year

Golden Retriever

773 Days

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Xiao Bao is a very cute and energetic child! 😍Because she has just turned one year old, she needs patient family and more people to accompany her to satisfy her needs.😌

She can understand simple instructions and exercise a lot.🤭 She doesn't use changing pads. Thus, she need to go for walks more than 3 or 4 times a day on average. So, she needs a lot of offleash time🤔

She is very well-behaved and quiet at home. 🧡She likes to hug and play with you and want your company, but she will have separation anxiety, and is gradually improving at foster's house. Remember to put her in a cage when you are not at home or she will demolish the house.🥺

She needs leash training. Xiaobao is a cowardly little dog who is sensitive to voices. (Foster father has trained her so she's much better than before). She can also be very excited when she sees squirrels and birds. she gets along well with cats and dogs at the moment~ She likes to go to the dog park to play

Xiaobao likes to eat meat (cooked), canned food, and grand cru. She doesn't like to eat produced dog food (acana, origen, etc.) and can't absorb it well. Xiaobao likes to play with all kinds of toys and to tear down new toys. She feels great sense of achievement that way. Xiaobao doesn't resist brushing her teeth at all. She is very well-behaved and will lie down when brushing her teeth.

Adoption conditions
✅The priority will be given to citizens and PR
✅The priority will be given to someonw with a stable residence, house
✅Have enough time to accompany the dog at home. Families who like outdoor activities are preferred
‼ ️✅‼ ️Willing to take Xiaobao to participate in dog training courses, we will provide a free dog trainer consultation course, but if adopters are willing to participate (at their own expense) follow-up courses. Someone willinging to do so will increase the chances of passing adoption.

Adoption fee $600

As long as there is not a health problem, there is no refund for any other reason.

If you like xiaobao, welcome to fill the application via the link in our profile.




她需要leash training ,小宝是只胆小狗对声音敏感,(foster爸爸有train所以已经比以前好多了)也可以很激动,看见松鼠和鸟会追。目前有跟猫狗相处也很融洽~ 很喜欢去狗公园玩

小宝喜欢吃肉(熟),罐头,风干粮(grand cru)。她不爱吃生产的狗粮(acana,origen等)并且也吸收不好。活泼的宝喜欢玩各种各样的玩具并且喜欢把新玩具拆烂,她觉得这样很有成就感。宝对刷牙完全不抗拒,每天刷牙非常乖并且会躺下让你给她刷牙。
✅有稳定住所,house ,优先考虑
PS:小寶前主人因為生活,工作的變化,沒辦法提供小寶她所需求的陪伴和運動量,所以尋求rescue 給小寶找一個能讓小寶過的更快樂,更適合她健康快樂成長的家


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