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XiaoEr // 小二

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10 years

Miniature Poodle

390 Days

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Don't look at me being ten years old, I'm full of energy, and my affinity is perfect 💯 I can get along with dogs and even cats, I won't pee in the house, as long as I have a urine pad~ It's not difficult for me to sit down and shake hands , I won't even bark, I won't rush, I won't run around and bark in the car. If you have a backyard, open the door and let me go out to the toilet, and I can go home by myself immediately. I have no problem getting along with children and big friends. I won't go to bed without your permission, and I'm not picky eaters at all. Many people say that I am a super honor student ~ I don't have high requirements, as long as you can spend more time with me at home and love me with all your strength.
My constitution is prone to allergies, and itchy skin or ears are prone to occur, but I have had regular checkups since I was a child. The doctor said that it is not a big problem, and I am trying to eat prescription food to see if I can solve this problem from the food side (I used to eat it before). Ordinary dog ​​food, there is no particular problem), but at present, it is usually only necessary to clean the ears regularly, and there is no need to do anything else for the time being.
Also, I've had my teeth cleaned! I also did a beauty bath, and I'm looking forward to my new home!
The original owner was allergic to dogs because the newborn child at home had serious allergies. After a doctor's examination, he was allergic to dogs. He tried medicines, but there was no great improvement. The doctor advised them not to keep dogs. He is willing to hope that there will be another family who doesn't mind his age and continue to love her for them.


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