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Kitten Adoption Package

First Appointment #1
Vaccine #2
Fecal sample
Second Appointment #2
Vaccine #3, including Rabies
Fecal sample
Third Appointment #3
Pre-surgical blood work
Fourth Appointment #4- Final appointment
Complimentary nail trim
Laser healing treatment
Pain meds going home
Package price is
Neuter (Male cat) =$576.12 plus tax
Spay (Female cat) = 686.1 plus tax

Note, some animal should have an E Collar after surgery, Price range from $13.0 to 18.0
IV Fluids and Microchip can be added for 10% discount as well
Note: If has gone through heat before surgery, additional Mature Charges will apply.

Contact Catherine

Wechat ID: v7749v

Mavis Road Animal Clinic 

Animal hospital in Mississauga, Ontario


Ask for Catherine Chuang

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