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October 6, 2021

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Biscuit was sent to the veterinary hospital to be euthanized because the original owner did not have much time to accompany and biscuit would bark at home and was too noisy.🥺 That's right. He was not complaint for too noisy until he is 13 years old.☹️

But she was very healthy. The veterinary hospital cannot euthanize healthy dogs. So she was sent to us to find a home where she can spend rest of her life. She did dental cleaning and the teeth that should be removed was extracted. No other health problems have been found.😊

Biscuit is a follower at home, she will follow wherever you go. She is very clingy. But this also means that she is very insecure. As long as the owner leaves for too long, she will bark everywhere looking for people. Biscuit's whole body can be petted except for the face. and he will turn his belly to you and wait for being petted. If you wants to wipe his tears and touch his face, he will be unhappy and angry, but he can wipe it secretly while she is sleeping.🤭

Foster's mother said that her separation anxiety is improving a little every day, and it is not as strong as it was at the beginning.😍 As long as she is given time and accompany with her, she will improve. She will go outside for bathroom and remind her owner to go out when she wants. She will choose a place she likes to go to the bathroom at home. She can train her to use a urine pad for the toilet.🙂

She is a clingy companion dog. She is also very well-behaved when bathing (except washing her face). She needs a family where people are always at home to accompany her, and she will become a lovely clingy baby with training.😊Biscuit fits
✅Family who work from home or being at home for a long time
✅There is another gentle, similar-sized puppy in the house who accompanies each other
✅Live in the house, at least if she barks, she won’t disturb the neighbors
✅Don't care about her age, give her a shelter from the wind and rain, and spend the rest of her life
🉐Provide dog daily necessities, dog food
🉐Provide a pet trainer's lecture and a consultation and help
🉐️Provide drugs to relieve stress and relax in the initial stage

🚫If you have a child at home, you must tell the child you can’t touch her face
🚫Not suitable for families who do not have too much time to accompany and are not living in a house

Biscuit 是原主人因為沒有太多時間陪伴,狗在家會叫,太吵而被送去獸醫院要安樂死的狗….
沒錯 他已經13歲了才被嫌棄太吵了
但狗狗一切健康 獸醫院不能安樂死健康狗 於是找SFP rescue 幫忙給她找一個能陪她度過晚年的家,已經替她洗牙拔該拔掉的牙齒,目前沒有發現其他健康問題。
但biscuit 是一個跟屁蟲,在家裡,你走到哪裡她就跟到哪裡,很黏人。但這也代表著她很沒有安全感,只要主人離開太久,她會汪汪汪的到處找人。biscuit 全身除了臉不喜歡別人碰以外,都可以隨便撸,還會翻肚肚給你摸,但如果要給他擦淚痕碰臉,他就會不開心生氣,但可以趁她睡覺時偷偷擦。
Foster媽媽說 她的分離焦慮每天都有在進步一點,已經沒有一開始叫的那麼厲害,只要給她時間,多陪伴,她進步跟改善空間非常大。

Biscuit 適合
✅住house 至少他如果叫,不會吵到鄰居的
🉐提供狗狗生活用品 狗糧
🉐️提供初期如果需要減緩stress 放鬆的藥物

🚫不適合沒有過多時間陪伴然後不是住house 的家庭


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