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11 years

Domestic Shorthair

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Bobo really loves people and able to adapt to the new environment really soon. She can be petted at the first day coming to foster's house! 😍She loves staying in bed very much and likes to sleep with people. If you don’t want cats to stay in bed, you can prepare another place for her. 🐒She is so well-behaved. Bobo need time to adapt to live with other cats, but she is not aggressive. 🤔Because of her weight, she may be uncomforable when being hug.And because of this, the hair needs to be combed frequently. Sometimes the butt needs to be cleaned because she can't lick it. As long as there are delicious things, she is ok for cleaning.🤭
(Currently, because there is a knot in the front of the back, I shaved some of it, and it will grow back later)
Different cats will get along differently. Bobo can get along with other cats before, but he may not get along with every cat afterwards. Hope that the next adopter will have no other cats in the house or be patient and have enough space for cats to get along with each other slowly.✅


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