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Bubble boy

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5 months

Domestic Shorthair

388 Days

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bubble boy是一只对任何东西都好奇的小猫,到新环境躲了一小会就开始出来到处巡逻,如果人类动静太大或者走得太快他还是会快速跑掉躲起来,但是如果你在安静地处理自己的事他就会从不知道什么地方钻出来好奇地观察你,还会主动走到你身边开始疯狂蹭蹭,只要你抬手摸摸他他就会开心的呼噜呼噜个不停。有的时候他还要凑上来闻闻亲亲,或者舔舔你的手。bubble boy虽然年纪小但是很乖很听话,磨爪子也知道主动用猫抓板不会乱抓沙发和其他家具。虽然他小小的一只但是很能干饭,每次一开饭都会立刻冲出来嗷呜嗷呜地大口吃饭,吃饱了就坐在你身边给自己洗澡顺便用湿漉漉的大眼睛勾引你和他玩。他也很喜欢喝水,并且埋屎埋的十分熟练,是一只既可爱又能干的小喵咪。

Bubble boy is a kitten who is curious about everything. He hides in a new environment for a while and then starts to patrol around. If the human moves too much or moves too fast, he will still run away quickly and hide, but if you When dealing with his own affairs quietly, he will come out from nowhere to observe you curiously, and will take the initiative to walk up to you and start rubbing frantically. As long as you raise your hand to touch him, he will snort happily. stop. Sometimes he even comes up to sniff and kiss, or lick your hand. Although the bubble boy is young, he is very obedient and obedient, and he knows that he will not scratch the sofa and other furniture by actively using the cat scratching board. Although he is a small one, he is very good at cooking. Every time the meal starts, he will immediately rush out and eat with a big mouth. When he is full, he will sit next to you to bathe himself and use his big wet eyes to seduce you to play with him. He also likes drinking water, and is very skilled at burying feces. He is a cute and capable little cat.


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