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Ciabatta (咖啡色)我刚到新家是需要一段时间的适应期,但是强行被撸我也只会哈一口气然后就装作什么都没有发生。过了适应期之后我就是主人的小跟班,喜欢走到哪跟到哪里,我尽管已经三岁了但是在XXL的身体里住了一个kitten的灵魂,特别喜欢玩逗猫棒。我也需要主人经常帮我打理我的毛发,梳毛的时候我都会开心的呼噜呼噜。

️ Ciabatta有過一次因為到新環境緊張尿團比較小的狀況,但之放鬆又好了,為了保險起見,我們給願意給他們買保險的人有限領養,目前他們健康紀錄都是健康

Hello, I am Ciabatta, the brown cat. When I arrived at my new home, it took a while for me to get used to it. When I am petted during adaptation period, I would hiss you. After the adaptation period, I will be your little follower, I like to follow wherever you go. Although I am three years old, I have a kitten soul in my XXL body, and I especially like to play with cat sticks. I also need the owner to take care of my hair often, and I purr happily when I get brushed. 🐱🐱The two cats were sent to the shelterer together. They live together and we hope adoptive family to adopt them together.

⚠️ Ciabatta once had a small urine mass because of the tension in the new environment, but after adaptation period, he would be totally fine. For the sake of insurance, we have limited adoption to those who are willing to buy insurance for them. At present, their health records are all healthy ❤️For adoptive family who provide proof of insurance within 14 days, we will refund half of the adoption fee as a subsidy


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