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2 months

Domestic Shorthair

667 Days

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可能会在kitten stage 时,喜欢咬东西,酷跑,对什么都好奇,会有love bite 或者还不会控制指甲可能游戏过程中抓伤人.

My name is Darcy and I am an active girl. I can adapt quickly to new environment and I am curious about everything. I love to play with toys and play with people, and I never get tired of playing, just like a perpetual motion machine that never stops! I also like to race in the cat tunnel, climb up and down the cat tree, and jump down from any height without fear. When I'm tired, I will find a comfortable place to sleep. I am a kitty with a regular routine! At first I will be a little afraid to let you touch, but after playing with me for a while I will open up and climb up and down on your body. When we are more familiar, I will run to you to play, licking your fingers and rubbing your hand. I'm not as obsessed with food, but I'm not a picky eater either. I can use cat litter on my own.

💛For young cats, owner should be aware of the following:
In the kitten stage, they may like to chew things, parkour, curious about everything, will have love bite, or may scratch people during the game because still cannot control their nails.


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