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2 Years

Domestic Shorthair

492 Days

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哈喽大家好 我是Dina! 我很喜欢玩激光笔 如果我想让你陪我玩 我会靠近你 轻轻打一下你的脚 😂 吸引你的注意力! 我胃口很好,能吃能拉,喜欢喝水不需要你操心,如果你能给我吃罐头那是最好啦😆 在你学习/工作的时候我会静静地坐在你的附近的凳子上,不会贴着你,但是我会陪着你,让你知道 有你在 我很安心。 晚上,我喜欢在你脚后睡着 我不喜欢离你太近 但是我喜欢你和我在一个房间里。每次看到你回来,我都会开心得迎接你,当你抱起我 我会在你怀里大声打呼噜。 foster姐姐说我有一双会说话的眼睛 希望能遇到一个懂我关心我一辈子的铲屎官🥰
Hello everyone, I'm Dina! I love playing with laser pointers and if I want you to play with me I'll approach you and tap your feet lightly 😂 Get your attention! I have a good appetite, I can eat and drink, I don’t need you to worry about drinking water, it would be best if you can give me canned food😆 I will sit quietly on a stool near you when you are studying/working I will not stick to you, but I will accompany you and let you know that I am at ease with you. At night, I like falling asleep on your feet I don't like being too close to you But I like having you in the same room as me. Every time I see you come back, I will greet you happily, and when you hold me, I will snore loudly in your arms. Sister foster said that I have a pair of talking eyes and I hope to meet a shit shovel officer who understands me and cares about me for the rest of my life


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