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DouBao // 豆包

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6 months

Border Collie

798 Days

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性格活泼可爱,小朋友非常聪明,能够快速学会指令(现在已经学会的有:sit,趴下,stay,leave it和No.)胃口好,不挑粮,会用尿垫,且不会在自己笼子里乱尿乱拉。原主人是笼养,会自己进笼子不会叫。能和大多数其他宠物和平相处,由于小豆包年龄还小,社会化练习不足,所以在带他去狗公园之前需要让他学会冷静,需要带零食分散他的注意力。边牧生性好动,需要较多的时间让他活动,带他出去释放精力。在家不会乱叫,但是无聊的时候会嘤嘤嘤。 出门时看到陌生人和狗会比较激动,可能会爆冲扑人,但是用零食吸引注意力就可以纠正。总体来说在正确的引导下会是一只很棒的小狗,不需要主人太费心。

✅公民/PR 穩定在加拿大居民優先

Doubao is very lively and is a smart cutie. He is able to quickly learn instructions (now learned: sit, get down, stay, leave it and No.) He has a good appetite and isnt picky about food. Now he can use pee pads, and will not pee in his own cage. He could stay the cage by himself and would not bark. He can get along with most other pets. Because he is still young and lacks social practice, he still needs to learn to calm down before taking him to the dog park and needs snacks to distract him. Border Collie is very active and needs more time to exercise. Doubao doesn't bark at home, but will make some noise when bored. He will be more agitated when seeing strangers and dogs. But if you use snacks to attract attention, the action will can be corrected. Generally speaking, doubao will be a great puppy under right guidance, and the owner does not need to bother too much.

PS: The original owner cannot give the dog complete company and training because of his busy life. we hope that the adopter will have a lot of time to accompany the dog. The dog needs a lot of training. Doubao is ok to get along with other dogs, but because it is still a puppy, maybe will always wants to play with other dogs, not all dogs can tolerate it, which may also affect training and life. It is not recommended to families already having a pet.

🐶In addition, SFP provides a free dog trainer training course
The priority will be given to:
✅Citizens/PR residents in Canada
✅Adopters who haved raised dogs before
✅Willing to take the dog to training class
✅Willing to buy pet insurance
✅Have a lot of time to accompany


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