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8 months

Domestic Shorthair

505 Days

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️但我被送到shelter 时一只后脚严重受伤,一截脚掌不见,经过兽医检察治疗,目前无大碍,只是走路会一拐一拐的。但是我一样乖乖的用猫砂盆,别看我只有三只脚,我跟其他猫一样也是很喜欢玩玩具和逗猫棒,也不挑食。因为跳不到高的关系,很喜欢抱抱跟摸摸,有时候一兴奋喜欢love bite。我的眼睛也可能一些原因不是很清澈,但目前不影响我生活,医生初步检查暂时不需要做什么,但如果可以,也可以带我再去做更多详细检查。 如果你也想回到家有可爱的我跟你打招呼的话,快来领养我吧。
️Fox 是只非常乖巧到让人心疼的小猫,一拐拐的走路却一样乖巧的用猫砂盆,从来不会因为腿脚不方便而乱上厕所,唯一小缺点就是话痨,甚至白天如果睡太多,没有时间陪他玩,可能晚上会想要一直跟你聊天,不怕猫吵影响睡眠品质的再申请喔!

Fox: My nickname is Meow. I'm a very talkative and clingy baby because I love to meow and talk to people.
When I was brought to Shelter, one of my hind feet was badly injured and a part of my paw was missing. After the vet's examination and treatment, I am fine now, except that I still walk with a limp. Despite I am a 'three-feet 'cat, I can use the litter box just as well as other cats. Also, I like to play with toys and teasers just as much as any other cat, and I'm not a picky eater. Because I can't jump high enough, I like to be cuddled and petted, and sometimes I like to love bite when I get excited. My eyes may not be very clear for some reasons, but they don't affect my life at the moment. As for the preliminary examination, the vet said that nothing needs to be done for now, but if possible, I can also be taken for more detailed examination. If you want to have a lovely me to say hi to you everytime you come home, come and adopt me!
Fox is a very well-behaved kitten, having a cramped walk but just as well behaved with using the litter box, never pee elsewhere because of leg inconvenience. His only little flaw is that he is a 'chatterbox'. If he sleeps too much during the day and doesn't have time to play with you, he may want to chat with you overnight! So please only apply if you're not afraid of cat noise affecting your sleep quality!
I can't jump high, but because I'm still young and energetic, I still need a lot of play time with you!
At the beginning will make aggressive sounds towards other cats, but after the break-in can get along with other cats.


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