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November 9, 2021

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8 Years

Domestic Shorthair

980 Days

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Irelia is very independent. He likes to explore new environments and finding a comfortable spot for resting. Irelia likes to nap on the sofa or the bed and likes to knead before bed time.
Irelia is cautious of other pets but will get better after some time (Irelia has experience living with other cats).
Irelia only likes to eat dry cat food and not canned foods. He only likes to eat one certain type of treats.
If Irelia’s water source is from a bowl, he likes to dip his paw in the bowl and then drink from his paw. Sometimes he will jump on the counter and reach out his paw to ask for scoops of water. (Maybe a water dispenser will encourage Irelia’s water consumption).
Irelia is a low maintenance cat. He mostly sleeps and eats during the day, wonder around the house during the night. He does not scratch the furniture or damage anything. Irelia likes to stay by the window and watch the view.
Irelia answers to his name and will come when called. He will greet you when you get home and then leave to do his own thing.~

💚Adoption Fee: Free. Donations are appreciated.
If you would like to adopt Irelia, please fill out an adoption form. If you have applied preciously, please contact us and we will update your application for Irelia.


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