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Lady Nana

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16 years

Domestic Shorthair

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✅Nana 已做過各項檢查,驗血,有牙齒問題,病牙已拔除,现在干湿粮都可以吃,其他就是16歲老貓會有的小問題,但獸醫說,依他年紀來說,沒有什麼大的medical concerns,要開始注意護肝,可以吃liver care 貓糧
️ Nana被送到shelter 時,前腳被做過去爪手術,沒有指甲
️ 有些地方,像腿、腳掌Nana不喜欢被碰,碰了她可能会生气地叫跟咬,但其他地方沒問題可以摸

Nana 的故事
Nana 是London animal care center 準備安樂死的老貓,因為年紀大可能無人領養,他們的經理覺得Nana沒什麼大問題只是老,所以聯繫SFP,

Nana is timid and will hide when she arrives at her new home. A room with some obstructions (such as sofa, bed, cabinet) can make her feel more secure. After a day or two, she will come out at night to find people and let people touch her. She likes to be patted on her head and chin, and she will purr when she is patted. She doesn't like being patted on her legs and feet, she may hiss and bite angrily. In a few days, she will also be walking around the room or finding a comfortable place to lie down during the day. When separated from the family for a period of time, she will meow and act like a spoiled child. Despite being 16, Nana is still healthy enough to jump on chairs, sofas, beds, and even bathroom counters. Nana doesn't lick her fur very much. The owner will need to brush her fur. Nana likes to drink water and doesn't eat much. Please prepare cat food and canned food for the elderly cats for her. Nana is afraid and hisses loudly when she encounters other cats. When other cats are around, she may hide in the corner and dare not come out.

✅Nana has done various examinations. She has a dental problem, the tooth has been extracted. Now she can eat both dry and wet food. The other are the small problems that a 16-year-old cat will have, but the veterinarian said that there are no major medical concerns according to her age. We should start to pay attention to protecting the liver and feed liver care cat food

⚠️ When Nana was sent to the shelter, she was declawed and had no nails

✅There is a small piece of hairless on the outside of her right hind leg and on her neck, which was shaved during the blood test and tooth extraction surgery.

🐱Nana's Story
Nana is about to be euthanized at the London animal care center. Because she is too old, there may be no adoption. Their manager thinks that Nana is not a big problem besides of her age, so they contacted us. So we took in NaNa. If no one is adopted, we hope to have more donations. Let us take care of Nana until she leaves or until a family adopt her.


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