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Lady Nana

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2 years

Domestic Shorthaire

146 Days

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第一次看見Nana 就讓人忍不住拿著相機狂拍照,她不害羞,還露出各種超萌可愛的表情,重要的事要說三遍:她不怕生 !不怕生 !不怕生!來到foster 家第一天就超適應環境能的到處走來走去,吃東西跟喝水,也讓人摸,可以抱,戴頸套也不掙扎,喜歡在你身邊圍繞,嚶嚶怪,愛踩奶 愛吃罐頭,但混著乾糧也能吃,會用貓廁所,個性有點慵懶,跟小孩相處沒問題,但是跟其他🐱可能也有一段適應期,因為她會為了捍衛主權而兇其他寵物,但也只是聲音大聲一點,沒有攻擊性,所以會比較適合沒有其他🐱的家庭

The first time you see Nana, you can't help but take a camera and snap away. She's not shy and even shows various super cute expressions. Important to note: she's not timid! Not timid! Not timid! On the first day at her foster home, she adapted to the environment super well, walking around everywhere, eating and drinking, allowing people to touch her, pick her up, and even putting on a collar without struggling. She likes to be around you, meows in a peculiar way, loves kneading, enjoys canned food, but can also eat mixed dry food. She uses the litter box, has a somewhat lazy personality, is fine with children, but may need some adjustment period with other cats. She may defend her territory with loud sounds, but it's not aggressive. Therefore, she may be more suitable for a home without other cats.


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