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3 years

Domestic Shorthair

562 Days

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PS: 目前生活在多猫家庭,喜欢母猫多一点 ,公猫要看缘份,但还是会打架,所以单独养或者只有一只跟他慢慢磨合会比较好
🐱睡觉时 会有抖脚的小习惯,医生说目前不是问题

A very cute little chatterbox. He is not afraid at all, and he likes to rub and post with his master in his life. Often when he has nothing to do, he wants to talk to his master. But he won't bother you if you're busy! There is only one small problem! That is, he wants to get all your love. Not suitable for multi-cat family adoption. If you like a kitten that sticks to you with all your heart and only loves you, apply now!
PS: Currently living in a multi-cat family, I like female cats more. Male cats depend on fate, but they still fight, so it would be better to raise them alone or have only one to slowly break in with him.
🐱 At present, I will not use tofu cat litter, but mineral sand
🐱 During the adaptation period, when the company is not enough, it will be called to attract you
🐱 I have a small habit of shaking my feet when I sleep, the doctor said that it is not a problem at present
🐱 When it was first delivered, one of the eyes was a little inflamed. After the drop of the medicine, it was almost healed. The hair color near the eyes will slowly recover.


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