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Mr Boss

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2.5 years

Great Pyrenees

686 Days

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Mr boss is a big but very affectionate dog, he likes to be petted and hugged, he will even push his head against you and ask to be touched, he really likes to play with you. He is very good at pleasing people, he likes to show his belly to you, to lean his head on your chest and let you touch his head. But Mr boss is not suitable for family with little kids~ because he is really big, he will accidentally step on children if he is not careful. Mr boss is sometimes a little emotional, such as strangers to his home he will be a little emotional. The president is sometimes a little emotional, he will symbolically bark to prove his territory when stranger visit the house. For the rest of the time, he will quietly lying beside you to keep you company. He likes to run and jump, like to play with other puppies, and never fierce other dogs. Although his size is really big, he is really gentle. He can also get along well with cats. Mr Boss's special feature is that he really loves cleanliness. He does not step into water in snowy or rainy days, and he will clean up himself after come back home.

🧡 Mr Boss needs to have his foot hair frequently cut, otherwise he will slip when walking on slippery floor.

❣️Local citizen, PR preferred
❣Have a stable residence, house with backyard preferred
❣Have experience with dogs preferred

Only those who pass the phone interview will be arranged to meet and interact with the dog.


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