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August 27, 2021

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2 months

Domestic Shorthair

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It is a little moo cat! 🐮 He’s got quite a personality, if there are other friendly cats, Orca for sure gets attached with them; but if he is alone, he will hide in a corner. He’s a bit naughty and timid at the same time, however he does not bite nor scratch; he allows his foster mother flip him around to rub his tummy, but that helpless look on his face tells us what he truly thinks 🤣 This parkour expert runs every single day. His little tummy goes round after a bit of food. Orca’s beautiful black and white fur reminded his foster mother another strong and gorgeous animal in the ocean - Orca, therefore this how little moo cat got his name. Orca knows how powerful his name is, he is also as smart as an orca and like living with groups. When the foster first picked up Orca, he didn’t look clingy at all, but he knows how being held, getting rubs and kisses are ways of showing affection. Orca is obedient to all to touches but acts cool😎 yet his purring sounds spills his little secret.

Orca needs a patient home, he accepts other cats living with him, indeed he loves to live with other cats. On the other hand he will only be clingy to other cats, which needs his new parent to be understanding about. If Orca is on his own, he will quietly show up beside your bed (and you know what that means 👀)



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