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奥斯卡是一个粘人精,喜欢和你在一起安静的呆着,需要的运动量也很少。每天只需要早晚九点和六点遛一次就好。不会爆冲,也不会乱叫,从不在家里乱拉乱尿,不乱咬东西,笼养也完全可以。 他喜欢各种各样的玩具。
️如果家里已经有别的公法斗 或者其他公狗,可能会打架
️奧斯卡之前有過皮膚過敏,已經治療過,但是有可能不定期復發,送來時有輕微過敏,但我們給他用一些醫用skin care噴霧後,基本已好轉,噴霧會一起給領養人,之後也可以搭配處方糧或者skin care食物,法斗本身就是很容易有皮肤病的品種,他刚刚痊愈 新主人需要注意他们的皮肤问题
❎他的鼻腔算是窄的 夏天天气稍热就不要带他出去运动,不適合喜歡在戶外非常active 的家庭
法斗的宠物保险相比于别的狗狗也会高很多 所以新主人需要有一定预算 包括他们未來很容易有腰椎间盘的问题

总体来说它是一只在行为习惯上非常让人省心的宝宝 不会有太多负担。 其他的就是一般法斗都会有的问题 在领养前需要想清楚的

️Oscar 目前在Burlington, ON地区,电话审核通过的,需要之后能到Burlington,去看他与他接触,无法travel 到此地方的,请勿申请.

Oscar likes to accompany with you and requires little exercise. He needs to take a walk every day at 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. He doesn't bark and never pee at home, He don't bite things and likes all kinds of toys.
A few points to notice are:
⚠️If there are other male dogs or other male dogs in the family, they may fight
⚠️Oscar has had skin allergies before and has been treated, but it may recur from time to time. He had mild allergies when he was delivered, but after we gave him some medical skin care sprays, the situation has improved. And the sprays will be given to the adopters together. Afterwards, it can also be paired with prescription food or skin care food. French Bulldog itself is a variety that is prone to skin diseases. He has just recovered and the new owner needs to pay attention to their skin problems.
❎His nasal cavity is narrow. Don't take him out to exercise when the weather is hot in summer. He is not suitable for families who like to be very active outdoors.
💰This variety's pet insurance will be much higher than other dogs, so new owners need to have a certain budget, including that they are likely to have lumbar disc problems in the future

Generally speaking, He is a very well-behaved baby.

The priority will be given to:
✅Local residents
✅ Someone with stable job or sufficient budget
✅Familiar with French bulldog
⚠️Oscar is currently in Burlington, ON. After the phone interview, you can go to Burlington to see him. If you cannot travel to this place, please do not apply.


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