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3 years

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由於我已經來rescue 一個多月了,還是沒有人領養我,所以rescue 決定降低我的領養費,希望有人能夠帶我回家過聖誕🥲Pandora是个比较胆小的小怂包,到foster家里就躲进了沙发后面,推开沙发偷看会看到她无辜又委屈的大眼睛,整只猫小小的缩在角落一团,超级可爱。但是胆小遮盖不了Pandora的美貌,她有一对像大耳狐一样的大耳朵,衬得小猫脸更加精致。只要你给他一两天的时间,熟悉起来后,每天能看到Pandora巡视领地。她也会在你休息的时候霸占你身边的空位,舒舒服服睡上一觉,有时候还会用爪子勾住衣服不让你走,其实也是个小粘人精呢。开心的时候就会头一歪倒在你怀里了。最喜欢木天蓼,激光笔和猫条。她不太喜欢其他的猫猫靠近她,希望可以成为你的独宠,不太适合多猫家庭。

Since I have come to rescue for more than a month, still no one has adopted me, so rescue decided to reduce my adoption fee, hoping that someone can take me home for Christmas. Pandora is a timid little girl who hides at the foster's house after entering the back of the sofa. pushing the sofa away to take a peek, you will see her innocent and aggrieved eyes, and the whole cat is huddled in the corner, which is super cute. But cowardice can't hide Pandora's beauty. She has a pair of big ears like a fox, which complements the kitten's face more delicate. As long as you give her a day or two, after getting used to it, you can see Pandora patrolling the territory every day. She will also occupy the empty seat next to you when you are resting, sleep comfortably, and sometimes hook the clothes with her claws to prevent you from leaving. In fact, she is also a little clingy. When you are happy, your head will fall into your arms. Favorite Mutianli, laser pointer and cat strip. She doesn't like other cats near her very much, and hopes to be your only pet, not suitable for multi-cat households.


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