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PingPing & AnAn // 平平 & 安安

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2 years & 7 years

Domestic Shorthair

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Skippy is the black skinny cat who has extremely silky fur and diamond eyes, you can see she has a few white furs on her tummy when she rolls around.
She is timid, which means she stresses very easily causing her to throw up and watery💩 . It takes her a very long time to get used to the new environment. However after she gets comfortable, all those symptoms will disappear and become the cutest cat ever. She will purr around you when you pet her and start kneading.

When you call her by her name, she will run towards you. When you are busy, she will watch you from far apart.
Skippy is also a huge food lover who is not picky at all. She will eat anything you give her.

(There’s a part of fur that is missing on her back, the vet said it’s not a big issue therefore if she gets taken cared well the fur will grow back)

George is a quiet wise lady, she is always looking throughout the window or stay in a corner on bed sleeping. She occasionally plays with Skippy and can be clingy. She will sleep by your side on the bed and allows you to pet her. Although she doesn’t like hugs a lot but if you are a close member, she will tolerate you for a bit.

Although she’s 7 years old but George still likes to play with laser pens. Shes still in good health condition to run around and play with other cats, she will attack if something really tilts her off.
She need to eat some cat grass or hairball remedy as she is getting old.

They always have lived together so we would like them to get adopted together.

The adoption fee is free but you are always welcomed to donate.

Thank you!
平平 & 安安 一起免費領養

平平 兩歲 (黑貓)女生已絕育
安安 七歲 (黑白貓)女生 已絕育

🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🖤安安🤍是个非常沉稳的猫咪,感觉就是很有智慧,大多数情况都非常的安静,要么在角落或者床上睡觉,要么静静的眺望窗外,思考喵生😂偶尔会跟skippy 一起玩~但是也会找人撒娇,求抚摸,有时候也会非常粘人,喜欢跟人一起躺床上,躺在人身边,晚上会陪睡,有的时候会靠着你睡~熟悉之后可以摸摸可以亲亲,虽然不太喜欢被抱,但抱一会也不会很反感
不过George 因为年纪大了,有的时候会吐毛球,需要吃猫草或者化毛片


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