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August 27, 2021

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2 years

Domestic Shorthair

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Hello! My name is Popcorn, a proud and clingy cat. When I first arrived at the foster, I was very insecure, I will look at my foster mother before I do anything, even when I was eating (however that doesn’t stop me from eating a lot). After two days, I got closer with my foster mother and I started asking for pets just on my head, when she wanted to touch my foot I hit her back, but I didn’t scratch her, just gently used my paw. After more days, I built more trust with my foster mother and believed that I am now safe as she takes care of me every single day. Whenever I get close to my foster mother I start purring; when I get the chance I will jump on her knee and asking for cuddles and reminded her using my paw. 🐾 my foster mother is patient with me, she never forced me to do anything I didn’t like. Before I get close with you I would act a bit scary to protect myself, but once we get tight, you will have a cute clingy orange cat 🐈. If you have patient and want an orange tail to follow you around, please request to adopt me! 💖🧡💛

Hi~ 我是Popcorn,是一个傲娇又粘人的小猫咪。我刚到foster妈妈家的时候特别没有安全感,做任何事情都会看foster妈妈的脸,甚至吃饭的时候也会吃两口看一下foster妈妈(但这并不能阻碍我吃饭吃得香)。foster妈妈觉得看我吃饭是一种享受,吧唧吧唧的。 但是不到两天我就开始信任foster妈妈并主动蹭过去,要求摸摸(只是摸头), foster妈妈有尝试摸我的jio jio,结果被我打了,但并没有伸出指甲哦,只是吓吓她。 再过几天,我觉得foster妈妈不会伤害到我,每天又给我这么多好吃的,我开始更粘人了,只要一靠近foster妈妈就开始呼噜呼噜。 只要找到机会,我就会跳到foster妈妈的腿上求撸,会主动用我的jio jio碰她,foster妈妈的性格比较随缘,也不强求我,如果我不喜欢被碰,她就不会碰我,一切慢慢来。 我的性格是如果我还没有完全信任你的时候,会用装凶来保护自己,但一旦熟悉了,你就会收获一只超粘人的小橘猫。如果你有耐心并且想要一只小跟屁虫,就快来申请我吧!


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