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Soul train

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10 weeks

Domestic Shorthair

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Soul Train 是一只帅气活泼的小奶猫!他开始几天会躲起来 有些怕人。但是慢慢的他会主动靠近你 闻闻你的手,他也会温柔的舔舔你。soul train是典型的嘴上说不要身体很诚实的小猫咪😆虽然他有时会躲避你的手 但是他困了的时候你摸摸他 他会开心的打起呼噜。他有时甚至会允许你抱抱他,如果铲屎官按摩技术到位的话😬他是一只非常活泼好动的小猫咪,尤其喜欢带羽毛的玩具。自娱自乐能玩上大半天。


Hello, my name is Soul Train. I am a handsome and active kitten. For the first few days at new home, I would hide and be a little scared of new people. But gradually, I will take the initiative to approach you and smell your hand, and also lick you gently. I am a typical kitten who says no but answers yes with my behaviors😆 Sometimes, I might avoid your hand, but when I am sleepy, you can touch me and I will purr happily. I sometimes even allows you to hug me, if the your massage skills are really good, I will be a really good boy. In particular, I love toys with feathers. I can play by myself for most of the day. I can also get along with other cats.

Please Note
💛Cats will hide all over the places in the early stage and will not take the initiative to find people, so please be patient.
💛 Cats may scratch the curtains or sofa.


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