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我叫Tara,是一个容易害羞的小淑女。我会需要一点时间来适应新环境,等我准备好了就会自己出来找你玩啦~ 我是一个小吃货,不挑食,爱喝水,肠胃也很好,无论什么情况都会选择先把碗里的饭吃干净。所以吃饭的时候可以趁机随便撸我哦。我一开始会有一点怕生,会有一些害怕突然的动作和声音,不过我会很快适应。我是个傲娇又害羞的孩子,你在做什么新鲜事儿的时候我都会来偷看,但是被发现了又会假装不感兴趣。你在做别的事情的时候我也会翘着小尾巴来看看你在做什么,怎么不理我啦?我会自己用猫砂,还会把自己清理的很干净,是个爱干净的好孩子。我很容易呼噜,摸一摸就会自己呼噜好久。

可能会在kitten stage 时,喜欢咬东西,酷跑,对什么都好奇,会有love bite 或者还不会控制指甲可能游戏过程中抓伤人。

My name is Tara and I am a little girl who is easily shy. I will need a little time to get used to my new surroundings, and when I am ready I will come out to play with you on my own ~ I am a snacker, not a picky eater, love water, and have a good gut, and will choose to eat my food in the bowl first no matter what happens. So when I eat, you can take the opportunity to pet me as much as you want! I will be a little shy at first, and will have some fear of sudden movements and sounds, but I will quickly adapt. I'm an arrogant and shy child, I'll come and peek when you're doing something new, but then pretend not to be interested when I'm caught. When you're doing something else, I'll come with my tail up to see what you're doing, why are you ignoring me? I can use cat litter on my own, and clean up myself after. I'm a good girl who loves cleanliness. I purr easily and will purr for a long time if I am touched.

💛For young cats, owner should be aware of the following:
In the kitten stage, they may like to chew things, parkour, curious about everything, will have love bite, or may scratch people during the game because still cannot control their nails.


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