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Adoption Fees


10 Months

Domestic Shorthair

634 Days

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I'm a crybaby. When I first came to my new home, I would keep meowing because I was scared. If you locked me up, I would meow loudly. I would meow when I couldn't find you. I'm really just a child. At this time, as long as you pat and comfort me, I won't cry. After I get used to the environment, I am a cute and clingy baby. But if you are busy and have toys, I can play by myself, of course I hope you have more time to play with me. If there are other pets at home, I will like to follow them and play with them. So if the pet in your family don't like to be disturbed very much, don't choose me because I am an absolute follower. if you don't pat us at the same time, I'll ask you to pat both of us!
⚠️Timmy really love people, but he talks a lot, and may even disturb your sleep. If he is returned for this reason, the adoption fee will not be refunded. Please confirm that you can accept this before adopting. It may be a long time. After he is familiar with the environment, he will slowly improve, but there is no guarantee how long it will take.


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