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❤️‍🩹 Vesti 小故事
Vesti 被送到shelter 時狀況非常糟糕,奄奄一息,但經過獸醫治療,後續的休息調養,已經都吃喝拉正常啦!但因為之前送來時有一點尿路感染,醫生建議之後如果能給他吃處方糧,有護尿路問題的貓糧會對他最好,如果你家有貓已經在吃這個貓糧的就更完美了,可以一起吃不用分開❣️

雖然Vesti 沒有一個完美的歷史,但希望這不會剝奪他擁有一個愛他的機會!

He looks like a domineering boss, but he is actually an idiot. In particular, he has strong adaptability to the environment. After exploring the home, he starts to greet family members one by one. He is able to get along with the same kind. When you sit on the sofa, he will jump to you and lie down and snore, especially enjoying touching and hugging. After being hugged, he is at the mercy of others. When he is calm, he is very calm, and when he is excited, he will startle and play with himself. If no one pays attention to him, he will make fun of himself, and he can always do some incomprehensible but fun things. For example, when studying why the cardboard box is open, he has to close it back, and he is keen to lie on the table and pretend to be dead. He can play a small ball at home for a day, but he doesn’t know how to parkour at night and sleeps until dawn obediently.
❤️Can get along with other cats
❤️‍ Vesti's short story
When Vesti was sent to the shelter, he was in a very bad condition and was dying, but after veterinary treatment and follow-up rest, and recuperation, he is already eating and drinking normally! But because there was a little urinary tract infection when it was delivered before, the doctor suggested that if you can give him prescription food in the future, cat food with urinary tract problems will be the best for him. If you have cats in your family who are already eating this cat food, it's perfect, they can eat it together without separating it❣️

While Vesti doesn't have a perfect history, hopefully, this doesn't take away his chance to have one who loves him!


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