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September 12, 2021

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🦮Name: Whiskey 🥃
🍀Age: a year and half
🌈Gender: male (spayed)
💉 Vaccine: up to date
💥Breed: Doberman

Whiskey is a very clingy baby, this also means he has a bit of separation anxiety, requiring you to stay home with him for a large amount of time.
He is not suitable for cage as he will be upset and wanting to get out.
When we first rescued Whiskey, he was extremely skinny and had a weak stomach. Weight gain and finding suitable food is necessary.
Since he is underweight, his immunity is weak, somewhat also has a sensitive skin with part slowly going bald. Right now Whiskey is eating formulated food and his skin is not going worse for now.

Although he is skinny but he’s got quite a bit of strength. When he goes out for a walk, you need to have enough strength to pull him back when he gets excited about another dog or animals.
Whiskey is quite friendly and excited about other dogs, he still have some riding actions as he just got spayed.

If you want to adopt Whiskey please consider the following conditions:
- Enough time spend with him
- Enough medical fund
- Have an active lifestyle to bring him out often
- Understanding the Doberman breed
- If have other pets at home, need time to adapt with each-other
- Have large space at home
- Citizen or PR
- Have handled large dogs
- Have experience with training dogs or willing to take him to class

Whiskey is actually very gentle, but needs time and patience to get along with.
If you want Whiskey to be your family member please fill the adoption link.

Adoption fee: $550
Adoption link:

Whiskey 是隻超黏人的大寶寶,但這也意味著他有點分離焦慮症,需要常常待在家裡陪他,不適合關籠子,他會嚶嚶的哭著想要出來。
Whiskey 送來時非常瘦腸胃也不太好,需要增胖並且慢慢找尋適合他的食物。
別看whiskey 瘦瘦的,力氣非常大,出去散步如果看到其他狗或者野生動物會很興奮想衝過去,力氣不夠大的會拉不住他。
如果你喜歡whiskey 請先考慮好以下:
- [ ] 有足夠時間陪伴
- [ ] 有足夠醫療預算
- [ ] 是active 的生活步調,可以常常帶狗出去
- [ ] 對杜賓品種了解
- [ ] 如果家裡有其他寵物,需要適應
- [ ] 家裡有足夠空間
- [ ] 本地居民或者PR
- [ ] 有handle 過大型犬經驗
- [ ] 有馴狗經驗或者願意帶他去上課

Whisky 真的非常溫順,但需要時間去相處
如果你想要whiskey 變成你未來的家庭成員


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