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 You indicate that you are aware and understand the following:
  • This animal is either a stray animal or has been surrendered with limited to no history.

  • The actions of the animal may be unpredictable, and Save Fur Pets makes no claims or assumptions about the behaviours or temperament of the animal.
    动物的行为可能是不可预测的,Save Fur Pets 不对动物的行为或性格做出任何声明或假设。

  • While appearing healthy, this animal could have an underlying health problem which is not detectable at the present time.

  • The resuce does not perform blood examination(FIV test) on ANY of its animals uness recommended by an veterinaran during the time of foster. Any tests beside the ones performed by the rescue are at the adopter's own expense.
    救助中心不会为任何动物做验血检查(FIV test),除非该动物在寄养期间被兽医院医生建议。任何救助中心对该动物提供的j检测之外的化验都需要领养人自己负责。

  • You are going to be responsible for the animal's age-appropriate vaccinations starting the time of adoption*.

  • If any ailment occurs within 14 calendar days of adoption that is NOT specified in the animal's description, you may 1) return the animal and receive a full adoption fee refund, or 2) keep the animal and vet the ailment at your own cost.
    如果在领养后 14 日内发生动物性格描述中未列出的健康状况,您可以 1) 归还动物并获得全额领养费退款,或 2) 保留动物并自费检查疾病。

  • Return of the animal due to allergies will receive a 50% refund within 14 days of adoption.
    因过敏原因退回的动物将在领养后 14 天内获得 50% 的退款。

  • Return of the animal within 14 calendar days of adoption if the animal does not get along with the existing animal(s) in the household, for reasons NOT specified in the animal's description, you may return the animal and receive a 50% refund.
    (在领养后 14 天内,如果动物与家庭中现有的动物,因动物性格描述中未说明的原因,相处不佳,您可以退回动物并获得 50 % 退款。)

  • Any return of the animal at ANY time after the signing of this contract due to reasons specified in the Animal Special Condition Form will NOT receive any refund of the adoption fee.

  • If you cannot keep the animal at ANY time after the adoption, you can give them back to Save Fur Pets and we will find them new homes.
    如果您在领养后的任何时候无法继续饲养此动物,您可以将它们交还给 Save Fur Pets,我们将为它们找到新家。

  • Return of the animal for ANY reason after 14 calendar days of adoption will NOT receive a refund.
    在领养 14 日后以任何理由退养该动物将不会获得退款。

  • In the case of default before receiving the animal, any adoption fee paid will be seen as donations and will not be refunded.

  • Please use standard a cat carrier when picking up your cat. You may NOT hold the cat, use card board boxes, or plastic containers, etc. to pick up the cat. Once reported by the foster family, SFP has the right to cancel this adoption.
    领养成功接猫时,必须用合规定的猫包/猫笼 (cat carrier)。禁止徒手抱猫,用纸箱,塑料箱任何其他非正规装猫容器来接猫的。一经发现,SFP有权利取消本次领养。

Please upload a screenshot upon the completion of your EMT transaction. This will be used as the proof that your adoption fee has been paid to 请在您的 EMT 交易完成后上传屏幕截图,这将用作您的收养费已支付至 的证明。


*Screenshot of EMT transaction required

*Time of adoption: the time the animal arrives at the adaptor’s household.


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